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Defensive Driving Courses for Everyone

Course:Nationally recognized DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE from the National Safety Council, the world's leader in safety training and education. Interesting and interactive course. Hits on hazards of driving and how to respond correctly: Handling a potential head-on, setting a safe following distance, the danger of distraction, crash forces when not buckled up, and much more.

Adult traffic offenders pay the costs of the citation, attend the Defensive Driving Course and their ticket will not affect their public driver record per Mississippi code 63-9-11 and 63-9-17 effective(October) 1, 2002.

Statutes give judge authority to hold license of minor (under 21) and order minor to attend the Defensive Driving Course.  After completion of course, ticket is considered dismissed.  See Section 63-1-55,Mississippi Code, amended July, 1992.

Everyone is welcome who wants to learn safe driving skills, avoid future tickets, lower their insurance rates, and avoid costly accidents.

Mississippi Safety Services (MSS) is the Mississippi provider of National Safety Council driver safety courses. They have won frequent awards from the Council since 1986, especially Best Performance and Trend Setter Awards. The MSS Lead Instructor is a Certified Safety Professional and Safety Engineer who has edited two editions of the Council's Motor Fleet Safety Manual.

The MSS Executive Director is a leading traffic safety advocate in Mississippi, recognized in 2012 by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety for its statewide award. She has served as Chairman and in other leadership postitions for both the Mississippi Association of Highway Safety Leaders and the National Association of Women Highway Safety Leaders.

Mississippi Safety Services conducts many community service programs in safety, aimed at the prevention of brain and spinal cord injury. Ollie Otter, a life-sized mascot, visits early elementary students and the lap puppet BuckleBear teaches preschool children.

Instructors for Defensive Driving Courses are from the fields of law enforcement, education and training. Everyone on staff follows the agency mission: Dedicated to Saving Lives.

lMississippi has one of the worst traffic death rates in the nation.
lTraffic accidents are the leading killer of the 15-21 year old age group.
lAfter attending the course, the ticket will not affect your driving record.
lMost importantly, drivers will be prepared for the hazards of driving.
When and Where:
Check our statewide schedule for location and date of the nearest course.
We also offer an online course.

Enroll Online or
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The DDC-4 course fee is $50 for 4 hours paid by the offender upon arrival at the class.  Credit cards are accepted when enrolling online (or you may elect to pay at time of class even when enrolling online). The online course fee is $52.

Attendance is verified in two ways.  The Court receives a printed report after the class and the student receives a Certificate of Completion.