Frequently Asked Questions

1. Want to Dismiss Adult Traffic Tickets?

Adult traffic offenders may pay the costs of the citation, attend the Defensive Driving Course and their ticket will not affect their public driver record per Mississippi code 63-9-11 and 63-9-17 effective October 1, 2002.

2. Want to Dismiss Youth Traffic Tickets?

The judge has authority to hold the license of minor (under 21) and order the minor to attend the Defensive Driving Course. After completion of course, the ticket is considered dismissed. See Section 63-1-55, Mississippi Code, amended July, 1992.

3. Want to Reduce your Insurance?

Take the Defensive Driving Course, bring your certificate of completion to your insurance agent, and you may lower your insurance rates up to 10%.

4. Want to Learn how to be a Safe Driver?

The focus of defensive driving is on hazards of the road and the correct responses. Learn about crash forces, Mississippi's new traffic laws, how to avoid a head-on collision, how stopping distance determines following distance, the effect of distractions on the driver's ability to respond in time, and much more.